Use ChatGPT to Grow Your Practice, and Your Creativity

Use ChatGPT to Grow Your Practice, and Your Creativity

I was proud to be a panellist on a recent webinar, The Modern Practitioner Webinar, for the practitioner supplement company Designs for Health.

I was able to share the latest ideas for growing your natural therapies practice. 

There is a growing movement of practitioners keen to build their practice using the latest digital marketing and strategic skills to share their expertise.

This article is part of an e-course from Brandwithin to provide simple, actionable steps to grow your business and creative life.

Let’s get started.

Your Google Business Profile

If you still need to start, go to this Google Page to claim your Google Business Profile (GBP). 

GBP is free and can be an excellent source of enquiries and traffic to your website.

The Fun Part – ChatGPT 😀

On the webinar, many of our audience were literally blown away by the live demonstration I shared using ChatGPT. in this e-course, we’ll have fun expanding our creativity together.

As Caro said: ”James & AI – AAAAAAmazing – I’m using it already, he showed how to really take advantage!!”

Do you remember when the iPhone📱was announced by Steve Jobs in 2007? 

(Yes, I was in the audience in San Francisco, who could forget that!)

ChatGPT is the new iPhone moment in our history.

I’m excited to share with you ChatGPT and AI smarts I have been using and researching to leverage business growth for our Brandwithin clients.

You now have a new goldmine for your creativity and innovation.

Remember the Principle:

Getting Started with ChatGPT

If you have not started using ChatGPT – you can sign up here… 

Choose either the free tier, or ChatGPT Plus for USD20 per month.

Try Some Prompts to See How it Works

ChatGPT Prompt: Ask it to explain why eating a ‘rainbow’ of foods is important for a balanced diet.

TIP: It is a ‘chat’ conversation, so give feedback and ask for more or different ideas. Keep engaging to get something you can work with – then edit the copy to add your experience, heart and spirit.

IMPORTANT: Do check the facts ChatGPT provides. It can make stuff up – hallucination!

More ChatGPT Prompts to Explore

“Can you summarise the latest research on the benefits of turmeric for inflammation?”

“I’m trying to explain the benefits of a Mediterranean diet to a patient in an easily understandable way. Can you help?”

“Could you give me a list of at-home natural remedies traditionally used to relieve insomnia?”

“How can I communicate the importance of exercise and movement in maintaining health to my patients in a persuasive yet empathetic way?”

“Please generate an outline for a blog post on the benefits of mindfulness and meditation for stress relief?”

Next Lesson…

Next time in this Brandwithin e-course, we’ll look at basic principles for engaging ChatGPT to leverage your productivity.

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Picture of James Burgin

James Burgin

James Bugin is a digital marketer and naturopath based in Bondi, Australia. James focuses on effective digital marketing for health practitioners and is passionate about health and wellbeing. He is dedicated to supporting fellow professionals with clear branding and marketing strategies to connect with their audiences. James enjoys sharing simple solutions for complex problems, including the latest innovations for business growth.

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