How A High-Converting Website Supports Your Practice To Grow

Core purpose areas define the focus for your brand and give immediate clarity for a website visitor

Having a high-converting website supports you to share your expertise and grow your natural health business.

First Impressions Count

Your website visitors need to quickly understand: 

  • Who you are as a practitioner

  • What services you offer

  • What sets you apart from competitors

A top priority is to communicate your core service areas.

We recommend having three core service areas.

These are three core purposes to define the focus for your practice and give immediate clarity for a website visitor.

What Are YOUR Three Core Service Areas?

These are personal to you and your practice, even if other practitioners offer similar services, you are unique in how you present yourself and support your clients.

Take time to consider what these are for you and how you can communicate them succinctly.

Here are some examples to get your creative ideas flowing:

  • Naturopathic Consultations | Immune Support Programs | Holistic Stress Reduction

  • Nutrition Consultations  |  Allergy and Sensitivity Testing  | Digestive Health Programs

  • Naturopathic Pediatric Care  |  Fertility Support Services  |   Hormone Balancing Programs

  • Holistic Nutrition Services  |  Detoxification Programs  |  Weight Management Support

  • Fertility Support Services  |  Pre and Post-Natal Nutrition  |  Holistic Health for Families

  • Holistic Nutrition  |  Mind-Body Healing Programs  |  Sleep Improvement Support

  • Functional Medicine Assessments  |   Nutritional Testing  |  Customised Dietary Plans

  • Pain Management Support  |  Joint Health Programs | Holistic Nutrition Services

  • Skin Health Treatments  |  Natural Beauty Consultations  |  Anti-Acne Programs

  • Holistic Nutrition Consulting  |  Mind-Body Health Programs  |  Sleep Improvement Support

  • Mind-Body Healing Programs  |  Meditation Classes  |  Yoga and Pilates 

Your turn – What are your thoughts on your three core service areas?

We are progressively building an example website to demonstrate the principles of a high-converting website. You can view it at

Apologies for the rushed version during the webinar. It usually takes more time to develop this process and of course to more thoroughly edit final content.

Can Your Three Core Service Areas Change over Time?

Yes, as you grow your practice and gain clarity about how best to present your expertise and passion, you can adjust or change these core service areas.

These core service areas will be come valuable keywords to support your website to be found in a Google Search.

We will explore Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) later in this e-course.

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James Burgin

James Bugin is a digital marketer and naturopath based in Bondi, Australia. James focuses on effective digital marketing for health practitioners and is passionate about health and wellbeing. He is dedicated to supporting fellow professionals with clear branding and marketing strategies to connect with their audiences. James enjoys sharing simple solutions for complex problems, including the latest innovations for business growth.

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