The Future of Connecting with Patients Using ChatGPT

A simple 3-tiered approach to customer service & marketing

Once you start using ChatGPT, the possibilities for creativity and productivity expand, even to the point of too many ideas and ‘bright shiny objects’. ⚡️✨

So let’s get focused!
A wise mentor of mine once said “we teach what we need to learn” 🙋🏼‍♂️

It’s useful to get organised with an effective context for how to use ChatGPT prompts for different areas of your business. Patient support, communications, marketing and business development each require a special focus

A Prompt Hierarchy to Support Your Business Growth

A simple 3-tiered approach to customer service and marketing can support you.
Each level can bring a unique focus to your prompts.

Here are example prompts for different levels to help you develop your ChatGPT skills  for productivity and practice growth.

Level One: Simple Prompts

Use these prompts to familiarise yourself with ChatGPT and explore its capabilities. The answers can form the basis for quick social posts and website content.

Adapt These Prompt Examples:

  • “Tell me about the benefits of a diet focused on high-magnesium foods.”
  • “Describe the role of a naturopath in patient care.”
  • “Explain the principles of using a nutritional protocol to support patient wellbeing.”
  • “Provide a brief overview of the difference between conventional medicine and naturopathy.”

Level Two: Intermediate Prompts

This style of prompts support using ChatGPT to enhance patient communications, complement your treatments and expand your marketing efforts.

Adapt These Prompt Examples:

  • “Write a patient-friendly explanation of how herbal medicine can help in managing stress.”
  • “Create an engaging social media post to promote a free discovery call about holistic nutrition.”
  • “Draft three emails to patients to give guidance and reminders about the [protocol] you have prescribed”
  • “Compose an outline for a blog post on the benefits of naturopathy for managing chronic conditions.”

Level Three: Advanced Prompts

These are more sophisticated prompts, often with multiple steps to support you to utilise ChatGPT for larger projects. You may want to complement your consulting services by developing health courses, online programs or membership offers.

Stay tuned and we will explore Level Three prompts in more depth in a future e-course lesson.

Time for Action…

With AI and tools like ChatGPT, you now have the chance to infuse your natural health practice with new, cutting-edge strategies.

You can bridge the gap between traditional wisdom and modern technology. This moment calls for action, not hesitation. It’s time to embrace the synergy of AI and begin invigorating your holistic health marketing today!

The future of connecting with patients and sharing the profound benefits of natural health is here, and it’s energised by AI.

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James Burgin

James Bugin is a digital marketer and naturopath based in Bondi, Australia. James focuses on effective digital marketing for health practitioners and is passionate about health and wellbeing. He is dedicated to supporting fellow professionals with clear branding and marketing strategies to connect with their audiences. James enjoys sharing simple solutions for complex problems, including the latest innovations for business growth.

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